mem-noir: [mem-nwär] NOUN, A memoir, written in short paragraphs or verse, concerned with being a person of the Black race within the context of a specified subject, time period, or circumstance. Visual art or photographs, especially biographical in nature, are often incorporated. 
Disrupt/ed (a mem-noir) is an upcoming two-pronged project, a memoir in verse with illustrations and a multi-sensory exhibition. In the memoir Woolford explores her early childhood in a planned integrated American town, amidst this nation's legacy of enslavement of Black people, like her. The book also includes stories of Black Freedom Visionaries from her hometown of Columbia, Maryland. In the exhibition Woolford immerses viewers in aspects of her childhood, her present, and her future through video installations and an augmented-reality installation.
The Disrupt/ed (a mem-noir) book will launch in 2021 with support from Busboys and Poets, and the exhibition will premiere at a show of Woolford's work at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at the Smith Center in Washington, DC.
Disrupt/ed (a mem-noir) is supported in part by a Changemaker Challenge Award sponsored by Horizon Foundation and United Way of Central Maryland, St. Marys College of Maryland, a NES Artist Residency, an upcoming Storyknife Writers Residency, and grants from the Maryland State Arts Council. (Thank you to the Maryland State Arts Council's Creativity Grant program! To discover more about MSAC and how they impact Maryland, visit
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 the BLACK FREEDOM VISIONARIES IN THE Disrupt/ed (a mem-noir) BOOK

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