Pamela Woolford models in performative photographs and authors the text beginning this mysterious love story set in an ambiguous time with elements of the past, an alternate present, and an imagined future. In Antoine and Me, readers, listeners, and viewers are introduced to a fictionalized middle-aged Black woman and her photographer boyfriend who is taking the photographs on which the narrative is based. The readers, listeners, and viewers may leaf through handmade photo albums containing dozens of photographs of the woman who tells a portion of her story by captioning the first seven photographs in the series with both handwritten notes and voice recordings, leaving viewers of the physical albums, which will be on display at the gallery show Up/Rooted: Pamela Woolford's Cabin Windows and other locations, to wonder whether the rest of the story has already been written by the woman in additional notes somewhere, will be written someday, or has been stolen, destroyed, or lost to time. 
The voice recordings are complemented by sound design by Gregory Robinson​​​​​​​. The photographs are by Antonio Moses, whose work has been published on the Italian Vogue website PhotoVogue. The handmade books are by printmaker and book artist Sarah Matthews.​​​​​​​ Antoine and Me is made possible in part with support from Maryland State Arts Council.
The Antoine and Me photo albums will be available to view and hear at the gallery show Up/Rooted: Pamela Woolford's Cabin Windows in 2022 at Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery in Washington, DC. The publication of Antoine and Me marks the emergence of a new art form created by Woolford, sound-designed photo narrations or SDP narrations. Each of the albums will be purchasable with an NFT certificate of authenticity. NFTs for SDP narrations of individual photographs will also be available for purchase.
photo albums and scrap books created by Pamela Woolford's paternal grandmother, Gertrude Woolford, were an inspiration for Antoine and Me. the books serve as a fascinating and mysterious documentation of the life of a spirited young woman in Baltimore a hundred years ago. 

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