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The NFT inspiration. A photo from the album of Pamela Woolford's grandmother Getrude Woolford, taken 100 years to the month of when the Antoine and Me photos were taken. 

Pamela Woolford introduces the launch of her NFT at the 2022 WOCAX (Woman of Color Art Expo sponsored by Art Vibez and The 3rd) 

Antoine and Me is the world’s first SDP narration Collectibles.
The full Antoine and Me NFT collection, to be released over time, is part of Pamela Woolford’s multimedia project of the same name in which she creates the artform of sound-designed photo (SDP) narrations. The project involves the marrying of age-old tactile artforms (contained in handmade photo albums) and new digital technology, expanding the world of interdisciplinary art and the possibilities for storytelling about Black women and others whose joy, imagination, and inner life are under-explored in American media and popular art. The first SDP narration premieres as part of the WOCAX art show, and others will premiere with the launch of Pamela Woolford’s solo show and virtually-reality experience Up/Rooted: Pamela Woolford’s Cabin Windows. Antoine and Me is inspired by a photo album of Woolford’s grandmother, Gertrude Woolford, which the elder Woolford posed for a hundred years ago to the month of when Pamela Woolford poses as her iconic character in Antoine and Me in an unnamed, untimed land.
Pamela Woolford is the writer, director, and primary voice actor in the Antoine and Me SDP narrations. Sound design is by Gregory Robinson.
Click the button below to visit the Antoine and Me NFT Collection on Opensea.

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