“At this point in my life, my power suit is no makeup, no bra and no effs to give — and that sums up where I am as a middle-aged woman. As I get older, I am stripping myself of fears that serve no one, especially me,” [PAMELA Woolford] continues.
From Sisters from AARP, "How to Unlock Your Creativity at Any Age" by Tonya Abari
October 2018    The Beacon Newspapers, Filmmaker Pamela Woolford is Profiled in This Article Discussing Her Film Generation, the Art of Screendance, Her Family Stories, and Her Hometown Roots.​​​​​​​
10/17/16    The Creative Outsiders: Where Women and Filmmaking Collide, Pamela Woolford is Interviewed about Filmmaking, Writing, and Stories that Inspire Her

Pamela Woolford speaks as a Howard County Arts Council/Howard County government artist studio grantee during this Long Reach Rising update video.

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