10/18    The Beacon Newspapers, Filmmaker Pamela Woolford is Profiled in This Article Discussing Her Film Generation, the Art of Screendance, Her Family Stories, and Her Hometown Roots.

10/17/16    The Creative Outsiders: Where Women and Filmmaking Collide, Pamela Woolford is Interviewed about Filmmaking, Writing, and Stories that Inspire Her

8/23/18  Fury, a Podcast about Women's Rage in the Trump EraJournalist and Snap Judgement Contributor Amy Roost Interviews Writer, Filmmaker, and Performer Pamela Woolford. Pamela Discusses with Amy the Traumatizing Effects of American Politics, the Healing Power of Art, and Her Works "Here I Am Looking" and Generation.
10/6/18  By Any Ink Necessary, Judine Slaughter, Executive Director of United Black Writers Association, Interviews Writer, Filmmaker, and Performer Pamela Woolford about Her Film Generation, the Magic of Storytelling, and Discovering Her Muse.
10/27/16  On The Margin with E. Ethelbert Miller, (Start listening at 30:40.) Literary Activist E. Ethelbert Miller Interviews Writer and Multidisciplinary Artist Pamela Woolford on WPFW 89.3 FM. Pamela Discusses with Ethelbert Her  Interactions with Literary Guides and Mentors Marita Golden, the Late Lucille Clifton, Edward P. Jones, and Richard McCann and Her Award-Winning Work Meditations on a Marriage.

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